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Partner Central’s Demand Center makes your marketing easier, faster and more effective

Here’s your opportunity to put your Equinix marketing into overdrive, without breaking sweat. As part of our partner-first commitments, Equinix have dramatically upgrading our Partner Central portal. You can now customize, launch and track full-scale campaigns—end-to-end—automatically.
Under the Marketing tab at Partner Central, you can drive demand, qualify prospects and nurture leads quickly, simply and with minimal input. Our automated campaign tools do all the heavy lifting.

A robust asset library

Run email and social campaigns with editable templates optimized for mobile, Outlook and social channels. Run campaigns-in-a-box, all from a central dashboard. Includes landing pages, e-books and infographics. Engage exciting new prospects, more quickly.

Easy co-branding

All assets align with the Equinix brand and your own details—organization, company info, personal details—which you supply and are customizable. Co-branding made easy.

Easy contact management

Easily import your contacts and group them into lists to simplify persona targeting. The data of these lists is protected and Equinix are not able to view it. Your prospects are protected.

Ongoing support

At Partner Central, you’ll find simple marketing support to help you get set up including a Getting Started playbook and helpful how-to videos. We’re adding more partner-first resources to Partner Central all the time.

Breaking through the marketing barriers holding you back

If you lack the infrastructure, personnel, budgets or time to run sophisticated email and social campaigns, you no longer have to miss out. Our easy-to-use, automated tools mean you can now capitalize on the latest market trends.

The quick and easy way to power up your marketing

Partner Central is the go-to place for all the tools and assets that make your marketing easier, and your business more successful:

  • Drive demand
  • Make your marketing budget go further
  • Leverage Equinix’s brand equity with automated co-branding
  • Gain competitive advantage, generate more sales

Explore the portal that’s better for business

“The scope of information and range of sales and marketing collateral now available on [Partner Central] is truly impressive. It’s proving a real asset for our business.”

Jon Harlow, Partner Marketing at BT.

Explore your new possibilities at the Equinix Partner Central portal.

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